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Are your trees hanging over your home or your neighbors home?

Worried about the upcoming hurricane season?

Have a stump that needs removing?

We can help with all of those problems, and more!

We're a full-service tree company serving Pembroke Pines. Providing tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, bush trimming, tree fertilization, and cabling and bracing! We're highly trained arborists who take pride in our work, and always prioritize safety and customer satisfaction.

Our tree service pros are licensed, insured, and bonded - So you can count on us to provide a worry-free tree service experience!

We offer free quotes on all tree services in Pembroke Pines, FL. So what have you got to lose? Call us today - we can come out and do a free assessment of your trees, and advise you on the best course of action.

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Tree Trimming Service Pembroke Pines, FL

Tree trimming is one of our most popular services. We specialize in tree trimming and tree pruning for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Pembroke Pines.

Our experienced arborists have the know-how to prune all types of trees, from oak to maple, to palm trees. We can trim Coconut Palms, Phoenix Palms, Washingtonian Palms, and more. If you have a tree, we have the equipment and team to safely trim it! Our tree trimmers in Pembroke Pines know exactly how to combat any issue that tree might have.

Remember, it's always best to get your tree pruning done before hurricane season rolls around! Usually, by the time hurricane season is on us, we'll be so busy trimming trees that we might not be able to book you in time!

We have worked with all the local cities in Broward County, and understand the tree trimming rules and regulations of each. We can assist with a tree trimming permit if necessary, and help you comply with your local regulations. Each city is different, and has varying laws in regards to tree height, lopping tree limbs, proximity to power lines, proximity to neighbors, and more.

We also offer emergency services any time of the day or night, for when you need tree service fast. We're available 24/7.

If you need tree trimming in Pembroke Pines, or anywhere in Broward County, give us a call today! We'll sort you out with a quote on any tree service, free of charge!   (754) 253-2494

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Maintenance, Tree Stump Grinding

Tree Removal Company Pembroke Pines, FL

We provide tree removal services to all of Broward County. Removing a tree can be a dangerous job, which is why our tree removal experts are trained using the latest safety equipment and techniques. Our arborists are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can rest assured that you and your property will be protected.

There are many tree removal companies in Broward County, but not all of them offer the same level of expertise and service. We are proud to say that we have a 100% customer service rating. Tree removal costs can quickly add up when you factor in the permit and all the equipment required. We strive to keep our tree removal service affordable, so that you can get the best services at a fair price.

Having a skilled arborist perform your tree removal services can make or break the tree removal process. Without the right skills and knowledge, tree cutting can damage your property in ways that are both costly to repair and potentially life-threatening. We've offered a tree removal service to Pembroke Pines for many years, and have lots of happy customers to show for it. Safety is our number one priority when removing any trees from your home or business.

Whatever kind of tree you may have, our qualified tree surgeons in Pembroke Pines can take care of you. We'll help you with the tree removal permit, and ensure we keep the tree removal cost down.

Our tree removal service is top-notch, safe, and reliable. So what are you waiting for? Call our tree removal professionals today for your free, no-obligation estimate.  (754) 253-2494

tree care and maintenance services offered by Plantation Tree Services

We Provide Professional Tree Services in the Following Cities:

Stump Removal Pembroke Pines FL

Do you have a rotting stump in your backyard? Maybe you've had some palm trees cut down and you're left with the palm stumps. Whether it's an oak stump, a palm tree stump, or anything in between, we can remove it!

We provide a quality stump removal service in Pembroke Pines. We have all the equipment necessary, from small tree stumps to large.

We have excavation equipment to pull smaller stumps and roots right out of the ground. We have stump grinding machines to grind large stumps down well below the surface, and even pull the remaining roots out. Tree stump removal is definitely something that requires expert equipment and knowledge.

Because your tree is already cut down, we won't need to pull a permit for removing a stump. That means once you get in touch, we can quickly and efficiently have your stump removed, and get your yard looking great again!

Our tree care company has all the equipment and expertise to take care of any stump grinding job you may have.

We offer free quotes on all stump removal services in Broward County. So give us a call today, we'll have that stump gone in no time!

(754) 253-2494

Palm Tree Trimming Pembroke Pines, FL

Palm trees require special attention, so it's important to find a tree company that knows how to take care of them.

We offer palm tree trimming services in Pembroke Pines with the same expertise we have for all types of trees and plants! Our team is experienced at removing dead or diseased fronds, as well as shaping your palms to encourage healthy, strong growth.

So often we see over-trimming, which not only damages the palm tree but also reduces its lifespan. By over-trimming a palm, you get a thinning of the trunk nearer the top, which results in a weak upper trunk, eventually unable to support the weight of the palm fronds.

Our experts will trim your palms gently and strategically to keep them healthy and looking great for years to come!

We offer free quotes on all palm tree services in Pembroke Pines. Call our pros today for your free estimate. (754) 253-2494

Coconut Removal Pembroke Pines, FL

Coconut palms are beautiful, and add a tropical look to your home or business. Their fruit however can pose a danger to humans.

Dropping coconut fruit from high-up trees can cause severe injury, or worse. Removing the coconuts before they fall is a priority for safety sake and keeping your property, and the people around it, damage-free.

Our tree care experts will safely scale any coconut palm, and have the coconuts removed in no time. Don't risk having a coconut fall on your vehicle, or worse, a person walking by.

Call us today to have our professional coconut removal service come to your property and efficiently take care of them.   (754) 253-2494

Shrub Trimming, Bush Trimming, Hedge Trimming

Keep your hedges looking great with our cost-effective hedge trimming service in Pembroke Pines. We trim hedges of all shapes and sizes, from big bushes to small shrubs. We handle any job no matter how large or small it is!

Having your shrubs trimmed regularly is essential for the health and appearance of your shrubs. Trimming shrubs encourages healthy new growth and shape.

Along with our bush trimming services, we can also assess the health of your bush, shrub, or hedge, and adjust the nutrient and water levels as required.

So if you need any shrub maintenance in Pembroke Pines, FL, or anywhere in Broward County, give us a call first!   (754) 253-2494

Tree Fertilization Pembroke Pines, FL

We also offer a tree fertilizing service, which helps maintain the correct nutrients, and encourages deep root development.

We use the correct fertilizers to maintain the health and appearance of your trees, bushes, or hedges.

Tree fertilization is a process where nutrients are spread throughout the surface roots of a tree, encouraging deep root growth and better overall plant health. Our fertilizer application will help keep pests at bay by ensuring a healthy plant that uses its natural strength to ensure invasive pests are not allowed to make a home in your tree.

Tree fertilization, in combination with a pruning service, will help accelerate the growth of your plants, and ensure healthy shrubs, bushes, and trees!

So call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.

 (754) 253-2494

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