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Whether you’re worried about the hurricane season coming in South Florida, or just need to have your trees tidied up – we can help.

We're a full-service tree company serving Dania Beach. Providing , tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, bush trimming, tree fertilization, and cabling and bracing! We're extremely trained arborists who take pride in our work, and always prioritize safety and complete satisfaction.

Our tree service professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured - So you can rely on us to offer a stress-free tree service experience!

We provide free quotes on all tree services in Dania Beach, FL. What have you got to lose? Call us today - we can come out and do a complimentary assessment of your trees, and recommend you on the finest strategy.
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Tree Trimming Service Dania Beach, FL

Tree trimming is one of our most popular services. We specialize in tree pruning and tree trimming for home, business, and commercial clients in Dania Beach.

Our skilled arborists have the know-how to prune all types of trees, from oak to maple, to palm trees. We can prune Coconut Palms, Phoenix Palms, Washingtonian Palms, and more. If you have a tree, we have the resources and team to safely prune it! Our tree trimmers in Dania Beach understand precisely how to combat any issue that tree might have.

Keep in mind, it's always best to get your tree pruning done prior to hurricane season rolls around! Normally, by the time hurricane season is on us, we'll be so busy pruning trees that we might not be able to book you in time!

We have actually worked with all the regional cities in Broward County, and understand the tree pruning guidelines and regulations of each. We can help with a tree pruning permit if essential, and assist you adhere to your local policies. Each city is different, and has varying laws in concerns to tree height, lopping tree limbs, distance to power lines, proximity to neighbors, and more.

We also provide emergency services whenever of the day or night, for when you require tree service quick. We're readily available 24/7.

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Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Maintenance, Tree Stump Grinding

Stump Removal Dania Beach FL

Do you have a decomposing stump in your backyard? Perhaps you've had some palm trees cut down and you're left with the palm stumps. Whether it's an oak stump, a palm tree stump, or anything in between, we can eliminate it!

We deliver a quality stump removal service in Dania Beach. We have all the gear required, from small tree stumps to big.

We have excavation resources to pull smaller sized roots and stumps right out of the ground. We have stump grinders to grind large stumps down well below the surface, and even pull the remaining roots out. Tree stump removal is certainly something that requires specialist equipment and knowledge.

We won't need to pull a license for removing a stump because your tree is currently cut down. That implies once you contact us, we can quickly and efficiently have your stump eliminated, and get your yard looking excellent again!

Our tree care company has all the equipment and competence to look after any stump grinding job you may have.

We provide totally free quotes on all stump removal services in Broward County. Call us now, and we'll have that stump gone in no time!

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We Provide Professional Tree Services in the Following Cities:

Palm Tree Trimming Dania Beach, FL

Palm trees require special attention, so it's important to discover a tree company that knows how to take care of them.

We provide palm tree pruning services in Dania Beach with the same expertise we have for all kinds of trees and plants! Our company is experienced at removing dead or diseased leaves, as well as forming your palms to encourage healthy, strong growth.

Typically we see over-trimming, which not just harms the palm tree however also lowers its life-span. By over-trimming a palm, you get a thinning of the trunk nearer the top, which results in a weak upper trunk, ultimately not able to support the weight of the palm fronds.
Our experts will trim your palms gently and tactically to keep them healthy and looking great for years to come!

We offer free quotes on all palm tree services in Dania Beach. Call our pros today for your totally free price quote.

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Tree Removal Company Dania Beach, FL

We supply tree removal services to all of Broward County. Removing a tree can be a hazardous task, which is why our tree removal specialists are trained using the current security tools and techniques. Our arborists are completely certified, insured, and bonded, so you can rest assured that you and your home will be safeguarded.

There are numerous tree removal companies in Broward County, however not all of them supply the exact same level of knowledge and service. We are happy to state that we have a 100% customer support ranking. When you look at the price of the permit and all the gear required, tree removal expenses can quickly include up. We aim to keep our tree removal service budget friendly, so that you can get the finest services at a reasonable cost.

Having a skilled arborist perform your tree removal services can make or break the tree removal process. We have actually provided a tree removal service to Dania Beach for many years, and have lots of delighted customers that will happily vouch for us.

Whatever type of tree you might have, our certified tree surgeons in Dania Beach can take care of you. We'll help you with the tree removal permit, and guarantee we keep the tree removal cost down.

Our tree removal service is first-class, safe, and trusted. Call our tree removal experts today for your totally free, no-obligation price quote.

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Coconut Removal Dania Beach FL

Coconut palms are stunning, and add a tropical want to your house or business. Their fruit nevertheless can posture a risk to humans.

Dropping coconut fruit from high-up trees can trigger extreme injury, or even worse. Removing the coconuts prior to they fall is a concern for safety's sake and keeping your residential or commercial property, and the people around it, damage-free.

Our tree care specialists will securely scale any coconut palm, and have all the coconuts removed in no time. Do not risk having a coconut fall on your car, or even worse, an individual strolling by.

Call us today to have our expert coconut removal service pertain to your home and efficiently look after them.  (754) 253-2494

Shrub Trimming, Bush Trimming, Hedge Trimming

Keep your hedges looking excellent with our economical hedge pruning service in Dania Beach. We trim hedges of all sizes and shapes, from huge bushes to small shrubs. We manage any job no matter how large or little it is!

Having your shrubs trimmed frequently is important for the health and look of your shrubs. Pruning shrubs motivates healthy brand-new growth and shape.

In addition to our bush pruning services, we can also assess the health of your shrub, hedge, or bush, and change the nutrient and water levels as needed.

So if you need any shrub upkeep in Dania Beach, FL, or anywhere in Broward County, call us!   (754) 253-2494

Tree Fertilization Dania Beach FL

We likewise supply a tree fertilizing service, which assists keep the right nutrients, and motivates deep root development.
We utilize the proper fertilizers to maintain the health and appearance of your bushes, hedges, or trees.

Tree fertilization is a procedure where nutrients are spread out throughout the surface area roots of any tree, encouraging deep root growth and much better overall plant health. Our fertilizer application will help keep insects at bay by making sure a healthy plant that uses its natural strength to ensure intrusive insects are not permitted to make a house in your tree.

Tree fertilization, in combination with a pruning service, will help speed up the growth of your plants, and make sure healthy shrubs, bushes, and trees!

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