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Trees will beautify any residential or commercial building. They can provide extra shade to your backyard, an additional source of fruit, or a place where kids can play. 

Trimming your own trees can be a hassle. Not to mention dangerous! We have years of experience trimming trees and working at heights.

Our tree experts are fully licensed, bonded and insured. You can rest assured that we will do a quality job, efficiently and safely - so you can get back to the things that matter most. 

We're reliable, tidy, and won't charge the earth.... So what are you waiting for?

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Tree Trimming in Broward County

Tree trimming is the removal of unnecessary sections of a tree. There are numerous trimming methods used, depending on the pruned branch size. Aside from removing unnecessary branches and leaves, it can improve the tree's look, and also improve its health. 

If you have trees in your yard, chances are they could benefit from a trim! Below are some of the reasons you should consider having your trees pruned on a regular basis.

Wellness of the Tree

The cutting of dead or diseased branches can benefit the tree's general health. Regular pruning will also allow your trees to grow more robust. Prevention is better than cure!

Pruning and trimming encourages the growth of a strong and healthy tree. By trimming, stabilizing, and shaping early in the life of the tree, the trimming and cutting needed in the future will be reduced.

Neglecting these tree care tips early on in a tree’s life, may lead to weak limbs, or a top-heavy tree that won’t have a strong enough trunk and root system to support further growth.

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Hurricane Preparedness

One of the primary purposes for tree trimming is removing branches that may cause harm to property or individuals if they fall. Old tree branches tend to break down, big or small. Smaller branches pose less risk, but larger branches can do significant harm to the people and structures around, and should be removed immediately. 

Get your trees ready for hurricane season! Even the healthiest trees can catch enough wind in a hurricane, where they can break, and cause damage to people and property. We know exactly which branches to remove, to create a hurricane-safe tree. 


Trimming a tree may help enhance its physical appearance and increase flower or fruit development. Tree trimming can produce a fuller, more healthy-looking tree. 

We at Plantation Tree Services can help with all your tree service needs. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, fertilization, or any kind of tree maintenance - We are here to help you!

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