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Got a tree that’s dropping too many leaves or seeds?

Blocking too much sun?

Lifting your driveway?

Half dead?

We can help! 

We’re tree removal professionals, and will safely and efficiently remove your tree for you. We’ve removed hundreds of trees, and know the ins and outs. 

We can help you with the tree removal permit process, and ensure your tree removal goes as smoothly as possible. 

We can also provide stump grinding services, which means when we’re done, the stump will be gone! It’ll be as if there was never a tree there.

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Why You Should Let Us Handle Your Tree Removal:

We’re Trained and Experienced

Removing a tree, even with the right equipment, can be a dangerous task. We would never recommend a property owner attempt to remove a large tree themselves.

Our tree care experts have had extensive training in all tree services. We’re licensed arborists, with years of experience. We know our equipment, and know how to plan a fall. 

We’re Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Unfortunately, some tree service companies in Broward County are not licensed or insured. Such “companies” will usually be offering cheap tree services, but this comes with great risk. If something were to go wrong, and your property, or your neighbors’ property was damaged, you can almost guarantee that cheap tree service would become an expensive experience pretty quick!

We’re licensed, bonded, and insured. This means if anything does go wrong, we will always be liable for any damages caused; and will cover everything, at no cost (or stress!) to you.

Any time you hire Plantation Tree Services for your tree care, you can rest assured that the trees will be removed from your property safely, quickly, and at no risk to you.

Tree Removal in Plantation FL
We’ve Got The Best Tree Service Equipment

We take pride in the equipment we use daily. We keep everything serviced, checked, and certified. We go the extra mile to ensure our team is safe, our customers are safe, and their property is safe. You’re in good hands! 

We keep on top of the latest technology in the arborist field, and make sure we have the best equipment for the task at hand. 

Reasons for Tree Removal

As trained arborists, our job is usually to ensure a tree is as healthy and safe as possible. However, sometimes a total removal of the tree is the only option. Here are some reasons you might be searching for a tree removal service near me. 

Damaged Tree in South Florida
They're a Potential Hazard

Damaged or dead trees pose a danger to people, especially in an area heavily traveled or where children play. 

If you have a tree you suspect may be dying or dead, give us a call. We know the signs to look for, which diseases affect which trees. We have local knowledge of tree diseases, tree fungi, and insects that harm trees in South Florida.

We can come out and take a look at your problem tree. We will give you an honest opinion on whether it can be saved, and if not, we’ll give you an up-front, affordable quote to have it removed. 

Trees that are compromised can be extremely dangerous in extreme weather events, like the hurricanes that we have here in South Florida. Trees can fall at any moment, with little notice. Don’t risk it. Let us take care of it! 

Whatever the case, if you have a tree that you’re thinking about having removed, give us a call. We can talk you through the process, from permitting, to stump grinding, to replanting a new tree in the void that was left. We can give you a rough estimate over the phone, and give you something to think about. 

Let’s get the ball rolling. Call your local tree care professionals on 754 253 2494

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