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Cut or fallen trees leave behind stumps. These leftover portions of the tree trunk remain rooted to the ground, with a small portion of the original root system holding it in place. 

As harmless as they may seem, these leftover trunks can become a number of things. From a top-notch toe stubber, to your favorite lawnmower blade bender. Needless to say, tree stumps can be a burden.

The tree care pros at Plantation Tree Services have all the right know-how and equipment to make short work of any stumps you have around your yard. We have bobcats that can pull out small stumps, and clear any debris. We have stump grinders, which can turn even the largest tree stumps to dust. It’ll be like it was never there! 

Whatever the case, if you need a stump grinding service in Plantation, FL or anywhere in Broward County, we are the team for the job. Our tree care professionals are highly trained, licensed and insured, and have the equipment to quickly and efficiently remove your pesky tree stumps.

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Stump Removal Methods

Tree stumps can be extremely difficult to remove. It takes many many years for a stump to decompose after the tree from which it came is cut down. 

Depending on the size, removing tree stumps without specialist equipment can be next to impossible. We have specialist equipment that will make short work of any stump you may have, big or small. 

We primarily use two methods for stump removal. 

  • Stump Grinding - We have machines which are called stump grinders. These are very powerful machines that have a grinding head attached to them. We position the stump grinding machine over the tree stump, then grind the stump deep into the ground. What results is transformation from an unsightly stump, to a pile of sawdust. We then remove the sawdust from your yard, and put some fresh topsoil on. Once we’re done, it will be like it was never there. 
  • Excavation - Depending on the sump, we can also use our excavators to remove stumps. This involves digging the entire stump out of the ground, using our powerful machine. This is often more invasive than a stump grinding service, and can leave quite the void. We will however fill in the hole with fresh topsoil, ready for your new plants or sod.
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Tree Stump Fungi and Insects

Here in South Florida, we have a whole range of pests that just love to make a home in decaying wood. Pests such as termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and many more wood-boring insects may find their way into your garden, and potentially your home.

Decaying wood such as stumps or fallen branches can also encourage fungi growth. Certain types of fungi can be dangerous for kids or pets. 

Let us take care of it! Our stump grinding service is quick, safe, and affordable. Your only regret will be not doing it sooner. Call your local tree service company, and get those tree stumps taken care of!

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