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Have coconut palms?

Some would say they're the best looking palms of them all. Some would also say they're the most dangerous of them all!

Did you know: More people are killed by falling coconuts, than by sharks each year (by a lot!).

Don't risk one of your friends or family getting hurt by falling coconuts!

Give your friendly palm tree service company in Broward County a call! Plantation Tree Services will take care of it.

We'll even give you the coconuts to eat! Call us today: 754 253 2494



Palm Tree Trimming Plantation FL

Before you start trimming your palm trees, realize that excessive trimming can potentially hurt or even destroy them. Having your palm trees correctly trimmed is essential for their health! Over-trimming a palm can cause them undue stress, and make them less resistant to diseases.

Whatever the case, it’s always best to call your local tree professionals. We can give you expert advice, and make sure your palm trees remain in top condition!

We have all the equipment to prune even the tallest palm trees, safely and efficiently. Give us a call today!

We can come over, check out your palms, and give you a no obligation quote on the spot. Sound good? Call: 754 253 2494

Coconut Removal in Fort Lauderdale FL

When to Trim Palm Trees

Here in Broward County, we have enviable weather. Palm trees tend to thrive in our warm subtropical climate. 

Most palm trees flourish in an environment with lots of light, humid air, and moist soil. All the conditions we have here in South Florida! Because of this, we can prune palm trees almost any time of the year.

Although we try not to trim them back too much in the peak of summer! However, there are numerous types of palm trees, each with specific requirements. If you are unsure what type of palm tree you have, contact your friendly local tree service company - Plantation Tree Services.

Palm tree trimming, or tree trimming in general, can be dangerous without the right equipment. We have years of experience with trimming palm trees (there’s a lot in South Florida!), and we know exactly how to trim each species. So give us a call: 754 253 2494

Coconut Removal Fort Lauderdale

Coconut trees or coconut palms, depending on variety, can tower up to 80 feet tall! Although coconuts themselves are delicious and a great source of food an water, they can be very dangerous if falling from a mature tree.

We don’t recommend any homeowner attempt to remove coconuts themselves. Even with a large ladder, or long pruning saw, you are still at risk of taking one on the head, and doing some serious damage. 

We’ve got all the gear (and insurance!) to safely remove those dangerous coconuts from your trees, and bring you peace of mind that you or your family won’t get hit by a stray nut! 

Give the experts a call, and we’ll take care of it. 754 253 2494

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