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Do your trees need some work?

We're a full-service tree company serving Davie, FL. We offer tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, hedge trimming and shaping, tree bracing, tree feeding, and more!

We're highly trained arborists who take pride in our work, and always focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

We are bonded, insured, and licensed. - So you can rely on us to serve a stress-free tree service experience!

We offer totally free quotes on all tree services in Davie, FL. We can come to your property, and perform a completely free assessment of your trees, and provide you with solid, no pressure advice.

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Tree Trimming Service Davie, FL

Tree trimming is among our most popular services. We concentrate on tree pruning and tree pruning for residential, industrial, and industrial clients in Davie.

Our knowledgeable arborists have the know-how to prune all types of trees, from oak to maple, to palm trees. We can trim Coconut Palms, Phoenix Palms, Washingtonian Palms, and more. We have the tools and group to safely prune it if you have a tree! Our tree trimmers in Davie know exactly how to fight any issue that tree might have.

Remember, it's always best to get your tree pruning done prior to hurricane season arrives! Generally, by the time hurricane season is on us, we'll be so hectic pruning trees that we might not be able to book you in time!

We have worked with all the Broward County cities, and know the ins and outs of all of them, when it comes to tree service requirements. If a tree-trimming permit is required, we can help you arrange that quickly and efficiently. Each city has different rules and regulations, so it’s best to get in touch with us, so we can advise you on the best way to proceed with your

We also offer emergency tree trimming services to Davie – so if you have branches come down, you can call us any time for a quick after hours service.

If you require tree pruning in Davie, or throughout Broward County, phone us today! We'll organize a quote on any tree service, completely free of charge!  (754) 253-2494

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Maintenance, Tree Stump Grinding

Tree Removal Company Davie, FL

We supply tree removal services to all of Broward County. Removing a tree can be an unsafe task, which is why our tree removal specialists are trained using the most recent safety equipment and strategies. Our arborists are totally insured, bonded and licensed, so you can rest easy in knowing that your home and yourself will be safe with us on the job.

There are many tree removal companies in Broward County, however not all of them supply the very same level of competence and service. We are happy to say that we have a 100% client service ranking. When you factor in the permit and all the gear needed, tree removal costs can become expensive. We always aim to keep our tree removal services as affordable as possbile, so everyone can have access to our quality service.

Having a proficient arborist perform your tree removal services is essential. Without the right abilities and knowledge, tree trimming can harm your property in methods that are both costly to repair and possibly lethal. We've offered a tree removal service to Davie for several years, and have lots of happy clients to reveal for it. When removing any trees from your home or organization, safety is always in the forefront of our minds.

Whatever kind of tree you might have, our certified tree specialists in Davie can look after you. We'll help you with the tree removal permit, and ensure we keep the tree removal expense low.

Our tree removal service is superior, safe, and trusted. Get in touch with our tree removal experts today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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tree care and maintenance services offered by Plantation Tree Services

We Provide Professional Tree Services in the Following Cities:

Palm Tree Trimming Davie, FL

Palm trees require unique attention, so it is very important to find a tree company that understands how to look after them.

We provide palm tree trimming services in Davie with the same know-how we have for all kinds of trees and plants! Our guys are experienced at removing the lower fronds, and shaping your palm trees without over trimming them.

Over-trimming is something we see often in Broward County, where some tree service companies do not understand the detrimental harm trimming palms so much can do. In over-trimming a palm, the tree tends to narrow near the top, and eventually the trunk becomes so thin and unstable that it will break under the weight of the palm fronds.

Our experts will trim your palms carefully and tactically to keep them healthy and looking fantastic for several years to come!

We supply free quotes on all palm tree services in Davie. Get in touch with our pros today for your totally free tree price quote.

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Coconut Removal Davie, FL

Coconut palms are beautiful, and add a tropical vibe to your house or business. Their fruit on the other hand can cause a risk to people.

Dropping coconut fruit from high-up trees can be a source of serious injury, or worse. Removing the coconuts before they fall is a priority for safety’s sake and keeping your property, and the individuals around it, damage-free.

Our tree care experts will safely get to the top of any coconut palm, and remove those coconuts in no time. Don't run the risk of having a coconut fall on your automobile, or even worse, a person strolling by.

Ring us today to have our expert coconut removal service come out and quickly and efficiently remove any coconuts you might have. We might even give you a couple to drink!

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Stump Removal Davie, FL

Have you got a stump in your yard? Not only are they an eyesore, but they can attract insects which can be bad for your other trees, and the wooden structure of your house.

We supply a quality stump removal service in Davie. We have all the stump removal equipment, enabling us to remove stumps of any shape or size.

We have excavation tools to pull smaller stumps and roots right out of the ground. We also have stump grinding tools to grind large stumps down well below grade, and even pull the remaining roots out. Tree stump removal is absolutely something that requires expert equipment and knowledge.

We will not require to get a permit for removing a stump due to the fact that your tree is already cut down. Once you get in touch, we can quickly and effectively have your stump removed, and ensure your yard and garden looks great again.

Our tree care company has all the equipment and expertise to take care of any stump grinding task you might have.

We provide completely free quotes on all stump removal services in Broward County. Call us, we'll have that stump gone in no time!   (754) 253-2494

Bush Trimming, Hedge Trimming Davie, FL

Keep your hedges looking excellent with our cost-effective hedge pruning service in Davie. We trim hedges of all sizes and shapes, from big bushes to small shrubs. We manage any task no matter how large or small it is!

Having your shrubs trimmed routinely is necessary for the health and appearance of your shrubs. Trimming shrubs motivates healthy new growth and shape.

Together with our bush trimming services, we can also examine the health of your hedge, bush, or shrub, and change the nutrient and water levels as required.

If you require any shrub maintenance in Davie, FL, or anywhere in Broward County, contact us!   (754) 253-2494

Tree Fertilization Davie, FL

We also supply a tree fertilizing service, which helps maintain the proper nutrients, and encourages deep root development.

We utilize the appropriate fertilizers to preserve the health and appearance of your hedges, trees, or bushes.

Tree fertilization is a procedure where nutrients are spread throughout the surface roots of a tree, motivating deep root growth and much better total plant health. Our fertilizer application will help keep insects at bay by guaranteeing a healthy plant that uses its natural strength to make sure intrusive bugs are not enabled to make a home in your tree.

Tree fertilization, in mix with a pruning service, will assist speed up the growth of your plants, and ensure healthy shrubs, bushes, and trees!

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